IKEA ING Vueling and Burger King are crowned at the YouTube

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Ikea has managed to win the Grand Prix and two awards in the Greatest Sales Impact and Creative Works categories with its “Stuck in the 90s” campaign. This action has been one of the 10 best campaigns in brand recognition (54%) since 2018. Therefore, surpassing 41 previous campaigns, 40 impacts, 5,975. 559 audience. In this campaign, IKEA has told how six IKEA Natives faced a house from the 90s, with no trace of IKEA. Therefore, to demonstrate the great impact that the brand has had on homes and how it has improved our lives.

These are the winners of the third edition of YouTube Works Awards

Greatest Sales Impact and Creative top industry data Works: IKEA has also won the award for the campaign that best demonstrates the use of YouTube to generate sales and the award for the campaign with the best creative execution that generates measurable business results. Best Brand Campaign and Breaking Barriers : The best brand awareness campaign and the one that authentically represents diversity among consumers has been awarded. Therefore, which this year has been “Stay with whoever loves you free”, from ING . Therefore, it is a project in which the brand has made real situations of daily life visible.

“Stuck in the 90s”, McCann campaign awarded with the Grand Prix

Emiliano González De Pietri , Chief Creative Phone Number TH Officer of McCann , has stated that this recognition of YouTube is “very important”, even more so when we live in a time in which digital media has so much power. «When we find ourselves at audience levels on classic television that do not stop going down and we see how this transfer of audiences towards digital is taking place, having an award like this means that we are going on the right path . “It’s a sign that McCann is at the forefront,” he says. Recalling the creation of the campaign.

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