Artificial intelligence yes but not now

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We have been talking for months about the advances in generative artificial intelligence , the uses of ChatGPT, the images that Midjourney, Bing and the rest of the tools that are emerging can generate. Investment funds and companies are investing heavily in artificial intelligence, but the reality is that they are not very clear about what uses they are going to give it. The goal is to arrive first. I recently wrote an article trying to calm things down regarding artificial intelligence , but I want to reflect especially on companies. Artificial intelligence has come to intensify, even more so, the general tendency to want everything now, at a good price and with good quality. The famous good, pretty and cheap that we have wanted so many times and have so few achieved.

Generative artificial intelligence is going to reach companies whether we want it or not

It is clear that despite these initial problems, generative artificial intelligence will end up being implemented in our daily lives in one way or another. We must create the framework where we can carry out the necessary tests to find the contribution of real value to our business , without putting its operation at risk. I am thinking especially category email list of large companies, I see this approach as distant for SMEs (especially the smallest ones). They still have problems understanding and correctly applying some of the most basic topics of digital marketing .

For this reason, I believe that the most appropriate approach for companies

We are at a time when we are looking for processes to automate, but just because it can be done does not mean that we should implement these automations. At the moment these tools are not being able to provide or understand the emotional part, nor Phone Number TH generate content of sufficient quality. I bet that even if I had the perfect prompt, ChatGPT couldn’t have written the article you’re reading. To finish the article I leave you with the comic strip by Tom Fishburne that inspired me to write this post . Tom Fishburne ChatGPT The image that accompanies the article ( stop, stop ) is from Freepik Do you like what you are reading? Subscribe to my newsletter

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