Favicon in WordPress with Jetpack

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Favicon in WordPress, Favicon in , What is a FAVICON? A Favicon is the small icon that appears on the left side of each browser tab. Next to the name of the website or the title of a post. Therefore, normally it is an image, avatar or corporate logo (in the case of a company or professional) . Therefore, add site icons: an avatar for your blog To install this icon in most cases we had to do it by uploading a favicon to our blog server or by installing a special plugin that facilitates this task.


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Guide to adding a favicon in top people data WordPress for your blog or website First of all. Therefore, we must have the latest update of the Jetpack mega plugin installed. Therefore, to version 3.2 or higher (you can update or install it from to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog with Jetpack? Then.  in the desktop bar of our blog, we go to the settings section of the Jetpack general panel and scroll down, where we will find and activate the “Site icon” option. How to Put a  WordPress with Jetpack? Once “Site Icon” is activated. Therefore, we go back to the menu bar of our WP.

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Favicon in WordPress, At the end of the general settings page we Phone Number TH will now find this new function. In it we will be allowed to upload a photo or logo so that it becomes a  WordPress for our website in the browser bar. Therefore, how to Add a Favicon to Your WordPress Blog with Jetpack? Create an icon for your page. Upload the image you want to use as the website icon (the photo must be at least 512px, both width and height). Therefore, how to Put a  WordPress with Jetpack.

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