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Are you thinking about creating a personal blog ? Have you recently started writing in a blog and want some tips to improve? Would you like to know the strategy I use to achieve my visits? This article can help you. Real strategies identify some mistakes and successes that many bloggers make with our blogs. In this post, in some way also related to social networks, I want to tell you about my first steps as a blogger , how my blog has evolved during this time, what strategies I use to get visits, the mistakes I have made during these months and some Tips to improve your strategy on social networks and the blog.

I have decided to write

This post because I think that many times it makes it easier for us to get started. When other bloggers share with us their experience when creating their blog. My numbers  are growing executive data little by little, I have reached 20,000 visits in 4 months and. I am starting to have some subscribers to my blog. on the Internet and on social networks. Well, I was very clear that only with the help of my community could I achieve my goals. Finally, to achieve these objectives, something very important would be the time I wanted to dedicate to my blog. 

Real strategies Something I would never have

Thought could happen so quickly! And although now things are much better. At first it has not been easy at all and that is why I want to tell you my experience, because  I believe that. I can provide added value for those who are starting Phone Number TH out and have many doubts and with this I believe that you will be able to achieve quite a few visits just like me! Which template to choose has been one of my biggest headaches. Although I knew what I wanted (based on my personal tastes, the content I wanted to publish and the general design of the blogs I liked the most).

So when I saw that WordPress offered hundreds of free templates I thought “someone has to look good!” But the truth is that the more I tried, the more undecided I became and although they are all very good, I saw some drawbacks in all of them. 

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