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Techniques used in. Therefore, neuromarketing include, among others, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), eye-tracking and. Therefore, measurement of the galvanic response of the skin. Through these analyzes. Therefore, mental activity and the body’s physiological response to advertising incentives can be measured, which allows us to better understand consumer preferences and needs and adjust market strategies to generate greater effectiveness in results.


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In advertising: companies use this technique to company data evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising by measuring. Therefore, consumers’ brain activity. This way, they can adjust the creative, message, and frequency of the ad to. Therefore, make it more effective and persuasive. In the design of packaging and labels: it is also used to design these elements in a way that the consumer feels attracted. Researchers measure brain activity and physiological response to different designs, colors and shapes to determine which are most effective. In store design: stores use neuromarketing to design product distribution and display areas. Consumers’ physiological responses are measured to determine the best placement and presentation of products.


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In prices: it is also applied to establish prices. It is observed how consumers respond to different offers. Therefore, to Phone Number TH determine which ones are most attractive and effective. In market research: companies rely on neuromarketing to study. Therefore, more precise and effective markets. With consumers’ neurological responses they determine their preferences, needs and desires.

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