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But I have not work on the blog as I should… Problems with the launch of my They are new website As I told you, after several weeks of non-stop work on my website, I manag to launch it the first week of June. I really think it was a bad idea, since it happens that that same month, Google always releases an important update, so if something negative happen,  law and give you their express consent. Conclusion and personal opinion As you can see, email marketing is very alive (it wasn’t dead, it was on a spree!!!!). I strongly recommend that you start shaping your email sending strategy and you will see that it works and will give you a lot of joy. As they say: “the money is in the list . ” And I can tell you that it is true.

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If the reason was a problem with the website itself or a problem of Mr. G’s whims. So, I launch the executive email list and yes, I had problems. As I just told you, one of my priorities was for the website to be a bwebsite last. To do this, I got the Perfmatters plugin , which is a piece of cake when it comes to WPO optimization. What happen? That the website began to give me display problems. Start now!!! Don’t leave it for later, this takes time and the sooner you start, the sooner you will see the results. Without further ado, this humble servant says goodbye until the next publication on this humble blog of this humble business. In this post I am going to teach you how to install, activate and configure the Elementor plugin.

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To be super optimiz, Perfmatters had a hard time with Elementor and it deconfigur things for They are me and others stopp working, especially Javascript. Let’s see… First of all we are going to make one thing clear, for those who at this point are already Phone Number TH sharpening their nails against  IF YOU USE IT LIKE A 1 YEAR OLD CHILD USES A LEGO TOY. The problem is not that the toy cannot be assembl; both in its free and premium versions. Elementor is the best visual layout designer for web page design and once you get to know it, it will be your best ally. Elementor itself is already a brutal tool.

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