Create SEO SOPs to Scale Organic Traffic

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Standard operating procedures make your work faster, easier, and more scalable. This is particularly true in the case of SEO, where a lot of the tasks are simple and repeatable. Things like adding meta tags, maintaining a proper URL structure, adding internal links, and optimizing your images are all easy to do… but also easy to forget. Recording SEO tasks in SOP documents means they will never be forgotten—and, once documented, you can easily delegate these simple tasks to others in your team. If you want to grow your organic traffic while working less, you want SEO SOPs.

Let’s dive into it

What is a standard operating procedure? A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a document that outlines how a task is done step by step. It often includes screenshots to executive data visually show what you’re explaining, but the best SOPs include videos as well. I typically make my SOPs in a Google Doc with screenshots. Then I use Loom to record my screen and create video explanations. Why should you use SOPs for SEO? SEO SOPs allow you to: Never forget important SEO steps when publishing content. Hire an affordable assistant to have simple tasks taken off your plate. Scale your business in ways that aren’t possible without standardization.

McDonald’s Create SEO

Of the first businesses to master standardization. And its burger line was much more complex than simply creating a document. You, too, can harness the Phone Number TH power of a standardized process to increase output and efficiency. Five SEO SOPs you should have There are a lot of processes in business that can benefit from SOPs. However, the five most critical SEO tasks that should have SOPs include: Content creation and on-page SEO. Internal linking procedures. Image optimization. Email outreach for link building. Tracking your rankings and making updates. Below, I break down each one and give you example templates you can copy and mold to fit your business.

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