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New instagram shopping Statistics with Instagram Analytics If you already have access to the business profile, you may have noticd Instagram’s new stats tool. It will help you better understand your subscribers (demographics and geographies) and their activity. Instagram live stats from app But you will also be able to assess the impressions, reach and engagement of each of your publications. Thus, these statistics will make it possible to adjust the content and the moment of your publications according to the results obtaind.

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Centralization of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram It’s not easy to juggle between the different social networks to respond to your users! To Latest Mailing Database facilitate the management of messages, reviews and comments, Facebook has launchd a tool to centralize Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Facebook centralizes messaging channels It also allows you to access the profile of your users and to personalize the content with tags. You will be able to adapt your message according to each user. It is thus possible to add attributes such as “Regular customer” or “Important” to such and such a customer. Instagram in 2016: other features to face the competition.

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Since this summer, significant new changes have been made to. Instagram to offer a more functional application for both. Individuals Phone Number TH and professional accounts, and to adapt to the competition, in particular Snapchat. Automatic comment moderation Every user can now automatically moderate and filter abusive or unwantd comments. Instagram settings Instagram settings You can customize the moderation by choosing the keywords to ban. In addition to this, it is now possible to delete certain comments and for the most followd accounts, to deactivate them. A very handy feature for accounts with a lot of followers and interactions, and for brand accounts that want to easily manage their followers’ comments.

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