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What are Neuromarketing ? What is this technique for? In this post I explain its origins and the advantages and disadvantages of neuromarketing for professionals, brands and companies. Post contents [ Hide ] What is neuromarketing? When was it born and the origins of neuromarketing Advantages and disadvantages of neuromarketing What is this technique for? What is neuromarketing? Definition of Neuromarketing: it is the discipline that. What are based on a scientific study (which analyzes the levels of emotion.

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Attention and memory email contact list evoked by stimuli in the context of marketing or advertising), allows us to find techniques to improve products or services and optimize the conversion of the same , thanks to greater knowledge of user behavior in the purchasing process. Therefore, knowing. What are what Neuromarketing is and how to use it is essential these days for any brand, company or professional to maximize their results. neuromarketing what is it When was it born and the origins of neuromarketing Knowing when neuromarketing was born is important so that it is understood that it is not a new discipline, although it is fashionable right now.

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When Phone Number TH Dutch professor Ale Smidts , Nobel Prize winner in Economics, coined it. Then other references came who began to use it, such as Philip Kotler. According to these experts, the origin of neuromarketing is based on different areas: Neuropsychology Neurosciences Neurology Neuroeconomics Advantages and disadvantages of neuromarketing Are you interested in being one of the first to have my articles on Personal Branding and Social Media in your email? We are more than 30,000. 

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