Working on the radio

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Working on the radio  It is a process that is occurring simultaneously with the crisis of traditional mia, from newspapers to television, which are losing audience and cribility in favor of social networks, now consider real sources. An involution that the traditional mia struggle to reverse and in this context of weakness fake news manages to insinuate itself more effectively. Public opinion does not always have the antibodies, that is, the tools to recognize and dismantle the hoaxes that contribute to building the image we have of reality.

Societies have always

Been shap more by the type of mia with which seo expate bd humans communicate than by the content of the communication. Marshall McLuhan Canadian sociologist and writer This means that fake news affects the perception we have of reality and society, manipulating public opinion. But the way of communicating also influences the public. An example is the crime data in Italy which has decreas in recent years bas on data provid by the Ministry. But if we ask the people who live next to us, they would surely all say that we live in a more violent society than we once did.

The problem is that if

The mia emphasize cases of violence it is normal for Phone Number TH this opinion to be lodg in the public’s perception. Therefore the value of the objective data, violence is decreasing, is not perceiv as true. What then can be the antidote to prevent us from being manipulat? I believe there are two activities we can carry out: studying , that is, knowing better the power of communication and the tools it uses to influence us, and informing ourselves carefully, that is, not falling into the traps of those who want to control our thoughts and our choices. For years I have been fighting for communication to become a subject taught in compulsory schools.

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