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That you no longer need. This kind of savings can provide several benefits, such as improving the business case, focusing the team on the applications used, and reducing the number of applications that must be managed. Retaining When you want to migrate to AWS, maybe you have several applications that will soon be deprecated. However, the application still needs to be used for some time. So, instead of moving these applications to AWS, you should only migrate applications that make sense and are useful for the business. Repurchasing This migration strategy is common in companies looking to leave an old software vendor and start a new one. OK, maybe this sounds good. But remember! You will be dealing with a new software package. Some of them are easy to implement but others take time.

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Refactoringre-architecting In this option you write new code.  to add features, scale, or performance that may be difficult to achieve in an on-premise data center. Dramatic changes to your architecture can be very beneficial. However, it will incur the highest initial costs in terms of planning and migration efforts. Okay. Those whatsapp data are 6 migration strategies that you can apply to migrate to AWS. Choose the right option for the success of your migration process. Cloud Migration Strategy: Techniques from AWS – end Also read the following selected articles: Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open. Cloud Computing Basics on AWS for Beginner Developers What is cloud computing? Explanation from AWS Registration for the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program is open for 100,000 general participants RecommendationBenefits of Learning Programming from an Early Age Indonesia is enjoying a demographic bonus period.

This means that the number of people

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Of productive age is greater than the number of people of non-productive age. In fact, the population aged 15 to 64 years covers 70% of the total population of 270 million! (SP 2020) Among the Indonesian population is Gen-Z, namely the young generation aged 8-23 years, whose number reaches 75 million people. Born in the digital era, they are attached to technological devices, more Phone Number TH independent, and full of ambition. This amount of human resources, which is full of young people, is not owned by other countries in Southeast Asia. If managed well, of course the younger generation can become the dominant driver of change, including in the IT sector. Not just active users, the younger generation can become technology creators from an early age. Examples are scattered everywhere. Marla Marlena , one of them.

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