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challenge. All decisions and assessments of winners are final and cannot be contested. can be asked in the challenge discussion forum. Assessment criteria Complexity The level of complexity of using technology. Creativity Do Lenses use new ideas or have innovations. Functionality Whether the Lenses created can run well and provide benefits to users. Engagement Whether the Lenses created have a decent number of users. (Proven by the screenshot attached when submitting Lenses) Present The 50 best AR Lenses will each receive a prize of 2,500 Dicoding Points. Points earned can be used to study at Dicoding Academy or exchanged for prizes at Dicoding Rewards . Developers with the best AR Lenses will have the opportunity to work with Snap AR Developer.

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 Or Indosat Ooredoo. collaborated with Dicoding to conduct a global survey regarding the developer situation. Answer questions about your favorite tools and platforms and be a driver of future trends. Fill out the Survey Here (Make sure to use this link and not fill in anonymously to get prizes) What is the whatsapp database survey done for? Your answers will be recorded as part of the data in the Developer Economics: State of the Developer Nation report. You can download the latest version of this report here: https://www.slashdata.c ree-resources/developer-economics-state-of-the-developer-nation-20th-edition By answering surveys, you can become an influencer of change. Do you want better documentation, APIs, libraries, and tools for building projects? Various platforms and technology providers, are using the insights from the survey.

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 to make life easier for software creators.on the future of the ecosystem. Several Prizes Available From Dicoding The rules, terms and conditions of prizes from Dicoding are determined entirely by Dicoding. SlashData is not responsible for prizes from Dicoding. Dicoding Points for All (can be used to reduce Phone Number TH learning costs in Dicoding, 1 point is equivalent to a discount of IDR 1,000) 225 points for those who fill out surveys and forms until June 30. Points will be directly topped up to your Dicoding account no later than July 7th. 100 points for those who fill out surveys and forms from July 1 to August 4. Points will be directly topped up to your Dicoding account no later than August 11th. 

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