Architecture based on business goals

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And policies that you will use to define your AWS infrastructure. Additionally, this perspective also includes principles and patterns. That are useful for implementing new solutions or migrating on-premises . Workloads to the cloud. Security (Security) The Security Perspective . Will ensure your organization/company meets security objectives for visibility. Auditability, control, and agility. Operations (Operation) The Operations perspective can help you activate, run, use, operate and restore IT workloads to levels agreed with business stakeholders. The insights gained through this perspective will determine your operating procedures and identify process and training changes for successful cloud adoption. Did you know that this article was taken directly from one of the sub-modules in . The Cloud Practitioner Essentials class (Learning the Basics of AWS Cloud. which . Was prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together.

With industry practitioners and validated

Provides Indonesian language classes in the field of Back-End Developer and is provided for FREE through the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program . The scholarship is public, unconditional, and completely free. To be able to simply register and fill out the short whatsapp number list registration form at . After registering, you will definitely get it! 100,000 Scholarships for Indonesia from Amazon Web Services 6R as a cloud migration strategy Now that we have learned several frameworks that can help you prepare for the migration process to AWS, now let’s see how to implement it. When you are sure about migrating to AWS, choose the migration strategy option among the 6 R’s that is most appropriate based on time, cost, priority, and workload criticality. Let’s break down the 6 R’s one by one: Rehosting Rehosting is also known as lift and shift.

This is because your ability to use AWS

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By a team from AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Currently, AWS  By rehosting, you can save up to 30% of the total cost even if there is no optimization of the application. An application will be easier to optimize once it runs in the cloud. will grow as the cloud migration process progresses and the hard part – migrating applications, data, and traffic – is completed so you can focus Phone Number TH on optimizing the application. Replatforming This migration strategy is also called lift, tinker, and shift (lift, fix, and move). Basically, this option is still lift and shift but you can do some cloud optimization. In this strategy, you will not change any core architecture during the application migration process. For example, you can reduce the amount of time spent managing database instances by migrating to a database.

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