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What if you have existing workloads in an on-premise data center or have started your cloud journey without previously using AWS? The process of migrating to the cloud is not instant. You can’t just snap your fingers and boom! Magically everything runs on AWS. Of course, you need extra effort and expertise to carry out the migration process. In order for this process to be carried out well, a special team is needed to involve many employees from different departments. Each position in a company will have a different role and perspective regarding the cloud migration process. For example, a developer will certainly have a different point of view compared to a cloud architect, business analyst, and financial analyst. This difference in perspective is not a problem. In fact, the most important thing is that you need to ensure that everyone on the team.

Has the same goal namely successful

cloud migration. Use the right framework OK, starting from this case, one question arises in your mind, “Hopefully the team members are ready. How can this cloud migration process be successful?” Don’t worry! The AWS professional services team has created the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF). Its function is to provide whatsapp database you with guidance so that the migration process to AWS becomes faster and smoother. The framework divides the guidelines into 6 areas called perspectives . Each perspective includes the responsibilities of different groups. In general, it covers Business, People, and Governance perspectives focusing on business capabilities. Then, the Platform, Security, and Operations perspectives focus on technical capabilities. In order to understand more clearly, let’s describe each perspective: Business (Business) This perspective helps you to shift from a strategy that previously separated business.

To a business model that integrates

 And IT IT strategy. People This perspective can help you prepare your team by updating staff skills and organizational processes for cloud migration. This perspective also helps in prioritizing training, staffing, and organizational changes. Governance The Governance perspective focuses on integrating IT Governance with Organizational Governance. This perspective also provides guidance for identifying and implementing best practices for IT Governance and supporting Phone Number TH business processes with technology. You can also use a Governance perspective to understand how to update staff skills and processes needed to ensure Business Governance in the cloud. Platform Perspective Platform can help you to design, implement, and optimize AWS technology .

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