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It’s on the right side. Share button on instagram posts source: instagram step : create your instagram story important: always creit the original creator when sharing someone else’s reel. Their username will appear at the bottom of the frame . But it’s quite small and depending on your background color . May be illegible. Show your respect by playing it safe and tagging their username in either a link sticker or text. Bonus: they’ll get an instagram notification from you and may re-share your story on their account . Too. Creit original creator when sharing instagram post step : share your story tap your story or close friends to post it. Okay . But want to post it later.

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There are a few ways to schedule reels with hootsuite.  Scheduling a reel to instagram stories first . Grab your free 0-day hootsuite trial. Done? Step : download the reel to get the reel video . Tap the share icon and then copy link. Paste that link into an instagram reels downloader app . Then save the video file to your phone. Share icon and copy link step.

Create your story create a new instagram story post in b2b email list hootsuite. Head to your hootsuite dashboard and select create  post from the left-hand side menu. In the composer window . Select the account you want to post your story to. In the content section . Switch to the story editor.

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Using hootsuite composer to schedule instagram stories click on the upload icon to add your reel. Adding an image or video file to hootsuite composer videos must be between second and 0 minutes long. Both have a recommended aspect ratio of : you can only add one reel per story. Note: if you want to add text or stickers to the reel . 

Make sure they’re part of your Phone Number TH image or video file. Text include in the caption field of composer will not be include in your story. But no sweat you can easily eit the video file using canva without leaving your hootsuite dashboard. Step : schedule your instagram story preview your story and click schedule for later to select a time for it to go public.

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