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Tiktok entertainment ads rate high for brand love and purchase intent source: tiktok tiktok is the search engine of choice for gen z google’s reign as the king of search may be in jeopardy. Research has shown that gen z is increasingly using social as their primary search tool. Young people are turning to tiktok to search for answers . Reporte the New York Times on September 0 . Citing a google study that revealed that 0 of users age to turn to tiktok or instagram when they nee information. Internet users age – use social for brand research over search this doesn’t mean you nee to shut down your website and do that eternal sunshine treatment to cleanse all seo knowledge from your brain.

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The majority of people still are tracking down your business the old-fashioned way a.k.a. Frantically typing me nee haircut now hurry into the google search field. But brands would be wise to start honing their social search optimization skills to make sure they’re reaching every potential customer. Tiktok is entering its ‘experimental’ phase… 

And brands should be ready growing up business database means trying on different identities to see just what fits best. As any of us who witnessed Christina Aguilera in her dirty era know. Tiktok is no different. Sure . It’s the master of the short-form . Algorithmic-brain-candy video stream . But the potential for what else it could be are limitless. No wonder then that in alone .

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It release at least seven new features. Including tiktok now a bereal clone and tiktok stories an ig stories clone . Which itself is a snapchat clone. But that’s a tale for another day. Tiktok trends cardio queen source: tiktok in other words: tiktok is on a journey of self-discovery. 

And brands should be open Phone Number TH to tagging along on the ride . Embracing and testing out whatever new feature the app drops next. It’s true that most of these features won’t last . But brave brands that get in on the ground floor may be rewarde with an algorithm boost  or at least the opportunity to surprise or intrigue your audience. Put real people front and center tiktokers love to see content from relatable people.

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