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 Consequently, horizontal or traditional agriculture, which 70% is destin for animal feing, will decrease substantially. Ferrán Adriá, the famous and celebrat creator of elBulli, believes that the diet of the future will continue to be vari because people’s tastes are different. “The diets and favorite flavors of those interest in sports, health or the simple pleasure of eating will never be the same,” he notes. However, he highlights that life expectancy today is greater than it has ever been, and in that sense it is foreseeable that food will be orient towards safeguarding health .

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What we hope does not disappear, because food, along with its nutritional function, has always had this virtue, is the ability to bring people together to revive the spirit at a table.After a study carri out by its specialists, the Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution (IPHES) has resolv a long-standing mystery regarding b2b leads the prominance that exists among human beings in the use of the right hand . It is estimat that 85% of the world’s population regularly uses this hand in daily activities, and it is known that this is due to a nerve junction in the brain determining that the left hemisphere controls the right part of the body and vice versa.

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A few years ago, cognitive scientist Stephanie Braccini report in a study publish in the Journal of Human Evolution that “the strengthening of individual asymmetry must have begun as soon as the first hominids assum a habitual upright posture.” Braccini and his team analyz laterality Phone Number TH in chimpanzees and found that when the monkeys remain on all fours they did not tend to use one hand more than the other, but when they had to stand up, a preference for one or the other was not, although the probability Being right or left hand was equivalent.

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