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Humans. Despite all the effort dicat to this, we have not yet achiev sustainable environmental conditions and it is evident that confronting these challenges requires political will and an approach to business that proposes a balance between human well-being and their income. But in the midst of this somewhat pessimistic outlook, technology seems to run on its own towards achieving a better world. And the benefit of the internet of things is already a reality on several fronts . The world economic forum presents examples of what these tools are achieving in rucing pollution in some of the world’s most populat cities, as well as improving agricultural techniques, food supply and even detection and control.

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Of diseases and certain deadly viruses. Smart cities about half of the world’s population (about 4 billion) lives in cities. As is known, urban centers are the largest contributors to climate change and several of them bear the severe impacts of pollution. However, there are cities that have become models in the application of the internet of things with the aim of making urban life more attractive through fast and efficient transportation systems, safe street lighting and buildings that generate savings. Of energy. An emblematic business lead case is that of barcelona , ​​a city with an extensive network of wifi terminals link to sensors, programs and data analysis platforms that allow it to provide its residents with a smart water system, automat lighting of public roads, and irrigation of parks.

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By remote control, garbage collection on demand and digital routes for public transport buses. All these urban services facilitat by the internet of things have made possible a substantial ruction in vehicular noise and pollution, as well as improvements Phone Number TH in the use of water and energy. Chicago, las vegas and the city of songdo, south korea, have been applying this technology with similar success. Cleaner air and water without a doubt, the internet of things can help cities improve public health. It is estimat that air and water pollution caus more than 9 million deaths in 2015 alone.

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