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At the top of Google Social Media Marketing That social networks have become an important communication channel between companies and consumers is nothing new! So, to carry out Digital Marketing on social networks effectively, you need to know your target audience well to know where they are, what they consume most and, thus, define the platforms and content formats most suitable for the strategy.

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Then, get your hands dirty planning and creating valuable content that informs, entertains and generates desire among the public. In fact, our content calendar can help you with this mission! Content Calendar E-mail marketing E -mail Marketing consists of sending emails with relevant and new data personalized content to a list of previously registered contacts — the famous “ leads ”! To do this, you need to have a segmented lead base , that is, divided by interests, behaviors or other characteristics.

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Lead Generation: understand what it is and how to generate it Paid Media (Online Advertising) To reach a wider audience and accelerate your company’s growth, Paid Media is a great option! It means investing in ads through platforms such as Google Ads , Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, among others. But, to avoid wasting money, remember to have a well-defined strategy and also constantly monitor the results to be able to make adjustments and improvements. So, with a little Phone Number TH investment and a good dose of creativity, Online Advertising becomes an excellent way to expand your reach.

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