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 And until this particular problem is completely and 100% gone from the world, you will have enough customers for the foreseeable future. Also read this: 5 ways to use a blog to build a brand 3. Build a database from your blog You can take advantage of your blog by building a data bank there, where the reader can quickly find help and support for acute “fire” problems. You can collect tons of popular blog articles (from colleagues, partners), magazine articles, interviews and studies on one page. Also direct the reader to the websites of other Life Coach coaches. If you focus on stress management, someone else can focus on sleep and improving it. When you offer help with this, the customer will feel that they are getting more from you than they expected. Your status in the eyes of the customer will rise dramatically.

Which acute problem of my client will I solve

 You yourself know that changing many things at once and at the same time is impossible. I always say that if the distance from now to the goal is too long, it’s easier to give up than to move forward. Break large entities into smaller ones and help your customer one step at a time. Instead of telling what you do, tell what your customer will benefit from. Answer the question: ” ?” ” ” I help busy moms like you to manage the chaos after the work day, so that your nerves don’t get tense (or so that you can stay calm) and you can spend time with your children. ” For example new data like this. A precisely delineated and defined problem attracts customers who want to eliminate this very problem.

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How do you improve your own sleep quality? How do you recognize load, lack of sleep or that it’s time to stop and rest? Read more: 48 ways to promote business when it’s quiet 3. Write about the benefit in the blog, not about what you do It is extremely easy to fall into saying “I am a life coach and I help people get better control of their lives and live the life of their dreams”. The only problem with this is that taking over a Phone Number TH whole life is an extremely big project!  health, well-being, relationship… the list goes on and on. Besides, if you’ve skipped the first point, this is what you’re probably offering your customers.

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