60 Best Extensions for Google Chrome for SEO and Social Media

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60 Best Extensions for Google Chrome for SEO and Social Media. Nowadays, the Google Chrome Internet browser is one of the most used by Marketing and Social Media experts along with the Firefox browser, which is why we spend many hours and time in front of this browser and it would surely be very useful for us. have extensions that facilitate our daily work, help us save time, and optimize our work on the Google browser as much as possible.

Chrome Extension for Social Media

1.- Bitly Shortener: Bitly is my favorite URL shortener and with this extension it makes it much easier for me to shorten. After that, the links that I share on different Social Networks. A totally essential extension for Chrome that I recommend to all my readers. 2.- URL Shortener: An extension with which you can shorten the job function email list URLS for Social Networks. After that, and thus take advantage of more space to write more content in your publications on Social Networks. 3.- Buffer Extension: With this extension you can very easily schedule your publications on Social Networks such as Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn , Google+ and many more.

Chrome extensions for SEO

1.- User-Agent Switcher: User-Agent Switcher is an extension for Google Chrome. In addition, that changes the user agent to a different one to check Phone Number TH whether. After that, a web address will look good or not in another browser or operating system. Each browser has its own user agent. It tells the websites you visit what operating system and web browser you use. Sometimes, a page looks bad in another browser. After that, or has a version adapted to mobile phones. User-Agent Switcher allows you to change it in Google Chrome.

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