How public can your private information be on social networks

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Do you really know what your private information is on social networks ? It has been a long time since privacy on the Internet became a complex issue and one to which we should pay a little more attention. Nowadays. Mainly thanks to the widespread use of social networks . The line that separates our private information from public information can be somewhat blurred. This issue of online privacy has been complicated largely by our lack of real knowledge on the subject or perhaps because we do not take it very seriously.

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From here, it is where you can see email leads that the Internet has become a hotbed of data regarding our supposed private. public and/or professional lives… So, do you know where the line is that separates one thing from the other? Do you know what your public or private information is on social networks? Are you truly conscious of what you do, say or share online? This is a reflection that I began more than a year ago, when I wrote my post: Be careful! They Look at Us… Take Care of Your Online Reputation .

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In it he talked about the way in which Phone Number TH our activities on the Internet (mainly on social networks) could be potential causes for losing a job/professional opportunity. It opened the debate on the way in which many entrepreneurs or human resources managers access your data on the Internet… I mean using Google as an online research tool. That is, they Google your name to see your digital footprint (or your online reputation). Example: searching Google for my name “José Facchin” José Facchin – Google Search 2014 –

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