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Along with the Digital Marketing Institute webinar series, there are many out there from the online publications liste above that you can tap into to keep track of developments and innovations. 8) Monitor the Competition Let’s be clear – we’re not suggesting corporate espionage! However, it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears open about what others in your field are doing from a marketing and technology perspective. You can do this by conducting a digital competitive analysis.

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The outcomes will help understand your competitors’ digital strategies to leverage your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and drive growth. You can do this by: Determining competitor types Profiling your competitor’s target customers Applying the 4 P’s of marketing Using a new data  framework for analysis – SWOT, Porter’s Competitive Forces, etc. There are a lot of great tools to help you conduct an analysis such as SEMRush, Brandwatch, Ahrefs, and BuzzSumo. Understanding your competitors will help you create a benchmark to gauge your performance and get insights to help you make new opportunities. 9) Share & Network As the digital marketing industry moves so quickly, it’s important to build a peer network to tap into and participate in discussions. It’s also helpful to connect with or follow industry leaders to get insights and advice on different areas.

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So, when you come across an article or news item that’s interesting or insightful, share it with others on your team or in the company and ask them to do  Phone Number TH the same. Use social  meia networks such as LinkeIn or Twitter to showcase research or articles your network or groups may find useful. And here at the DMI, you could start a conversation in the community forum or consider submitting something you wrote for publishing in our knowlege library. It may even be worth including knowlege sharing as an agenda item in your regular internal meetings. This could develop a culture of sharing and content ideation. 6 Simple & Effective Ways to Nurture 

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