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I know what you’re thinking. As a digital marketer. You’re already expecte to stay up-to-date on constantly changing digital trends. New emerging technologies and platforms. And customer expectations. And now you’re being aske to load yet another “best practice” on your plate? But wait! Before you close out this post and start watching a video of a kitten and a baby chick to soothe your jangle nerves. Consider this: the majority of accessible marketing practices already align with what you (as a seasone marketer) would be doing anyway to generate leads and sales. Yes. There are a few additional considerations you nee to take into account. But in the grand scheme of things.

They aren’t that big of a deal

They aren’t that big of a deal and will even help users without disabilities. Soon. You can start to see how digital accessibility becomes new data a mindset. Not just a catchphrase. This article – the first in a series – will introduce you to some foundational practices you can start implementing immeiately to help make your digital content more accessible. Let’s dive in! Or jump to part 2 – user experience and websites. Or part 3 – email social content and seo. What is accessible marketing? At its core. A marketer’s job is simple (but not easy!): improve awareness and interest in an organization’s products or services and convince people to buy them.

 You can download our social media campaign roi

 You can download our social meia campaign roi calculator to keep track of your goals. Costs and returns. For example. Is brand awareness a priority for your social meia. Or is it lead capture or sales? When creating Phone Number TH your roi metrics. Bring them back to the objective and goal of your activities to prove value. There are many social meia goals you can choose. It really depends on your core objective. Which could be: new followers click-through rates conversions complete lead generation forms downloade files (e.g. Ebook. Whitepaper) common metrics to help measure social meia roi include: engagement – as one of the most common and valuable metrics

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