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We can offer them a better user experience, both in the purchasing process and in web usability. And that generates greater benefit for both the company and the users. Discover new points of view This technique allows us to measure the impact of the details in the designs of our campaigns to discover. What is insights about how to transmit the most important information, capture the user’s attention, or create an emotional relationship with them. It brings a different perspective to traditional market studies and research.

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Development of customer email leads -focused products and services The identification of action-reaction or cause-effect patterns that provide specific data. to create models and design excellent advertising campaigns and optimized products for your consumers. Creation of customer-oriented sales spaces (physical or online). Thanks to the different types of neuromarketing (auditory, visual or kinesthetic), we can create customer-oriented points of sale. For example. What is neuromarketing knows that colors, smells or sounds influence us.

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Therefore, it helps us improve the Phone Number TH experience at the point of sale, whether in a physical store or in an online store. Disadvantages of neuromarketing It is not an immediate technique, it takes time The application of this technique is usually quite expensive, especially due to the research involved and the time to obtain answers. It is not an exact science. What is Each consumer is different and therefore, their actions will be different. The data that neuromarketing offers us is much more tangible than conventional data. Helps improve user experience If we know our potential customers better (their needs, what they think, want, etc.

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