Valor now Volar Chocolates Valor launches a new campaign under this motto

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Chocolates Valor launches a new campaign under the motto “Valor and fly” . Therefore, this evokes the pleasure that is hidden behind each ounce of the brand. which equals a moment of enjoyment and disconnection. Therefore, the brand recovers the claim “adult pleasure” in a series of spots about everyday situations. The “Valor yafly” campaign coincides with the change of image of the brand’s chocolate bars . With a more evocative and natural look. It puts the iconic castle ounce and the premium ingredients they work with at the center. Therefore, claiming the feeling of pleasure that comes from tasting a high-quality chocolate like Valor.

High percentages of cocoa without sugar and with nuts

The brand is the undisputed leader in industry email list high percentages of cocoa. Without sugar and with nuts. Therefore, for this reason. It is developing a new communication campaign under the creative concept “Valor ya vivir. Developed in collaboration with the creative boutique MONO Madrid. This has three creative pieces that reflect how quality chocolate can change everyday moments until they become spaces of enjoyment. Disconnection. From Chocolates Valor they point out that “we wanted to once again highlight the iconic value of our bars and the strength of a brand very loved by everyone. Therefore, telling stories that connect directly with our consumers and putting them and our chocolates at the center.”

The “Valor and Fly” campaign

“Valor ya Volar” is the first collaboration Phone Number TH between the chocolate brand. The creative boutique MONO Madrid. Therefore, the campaign was created to strengthen the positioning of this brand as a leader in the world of premium chocolate. Therefore, the brand recovers the well-known claim “adult pleasure” to reconnect with consumers. Along with the return of “adult pleasure. The use of Dover’s Serenade theme stands out . The campaign will have three creative pieces for television. Outdoor advertising, social networks, and support at the point of sale.

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