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So there must have been an element that determin the prominance of the right hand. Marina Lozano, who l the IPHES study, points out that until now it had been assum that Neanderthals were the first species with defin laterality. However, their research has conclud that manual laterality dates back, although to a lesser extent, to Homo habilis (the first species of Homo, 1.5 million years old), and therefore it is an ancestral characteristic in our gender. Thus, for example, the wear and tear of the teeth preserv from Homo heidelbergensis suggests that they us to carry food to their mouths with their right hand.

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This evidence has been obtain from a significant sample of specimens (120 individuals) of five different types of species: Homo habilis, Homo antecessor, pre-Neanderthals from the Sima de los Huesos de Atapuerca, European Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, in a chronological scope. spanning from 1.8 million years ago to the present day. The investigation has brought together teams business email list that work on this matter, mainly from Spain, Italy and the Unit States. “Thanks to this joint work we can affirm that the tendency to have a manual preference is an intrinsic characteristic of our genus that has been slowly establish in each of the species that have prec us,” said Lozano.

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The paleoecologist maintains that other inferences can be made from these studies: manual laterality implies cerebral laterality , which is closely relat to the capacity for articulate language. Until recently, the possibility of our daily activities being support by the Internet of Things (IoT) was seen as distant, unrealistic and complex. However, as an article in The World Economic Phone Number TH Forum states, “the world is small.” And also increasingly hot, tight and contentious. There is not much to add regarding the effects of climate change on our planet, as well as the damage it causes to natural resources and the threats that loom over infrastructure, food and in general the quality of life of beings.

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