Twist App arrives the communication solution for remote teams

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We are Doist. You may know us because we’re the remote team behind Todoist , a tool that helps millions of people and teams simplify and organize their lives. What you may not have known is that we have been creating Twist for the last two years . We created Twist because we couldn’t find communication tools for teams like ours : teams that love to collaborate and also create. For the first, orderly and fluid communication is needed. For the second, time to work without interruptions. Email is disorganized and not very transparent while instant messaging tools tend to be very distracting and end up being… – a chicken coop –.

Hello again! Why are you “very dead”

With this introduction? And what do you say to see what I publish again? Cucha, cucha (not cuchi-cuchi), what things are happening… I would tell you that this year I plan to resume the frequency of 2 weekly posts, which top industry data I am going to (blah, blah, blah) but, you know?, this year is the year of promising less and doing more. I already promised you a couple of posts ago . The truth is that, coinciding with a very cool news, which makes me very excited, enough to remove the cork from the champagne and give it a sip even if it makes me happy… I find out that the messaging application for teams that I have been testing for A few months ago it finally opens its doors in public beta . Take it now! For me the scoop… Would you like to know a little more about it? Come on, I’ll tell you and then the news of the excitement.

Twist – Organized, asynchronous communication for remote teams

hehe, I haven’t made anything up) of the text with which . Twist is presented on its main page. The truth is that it is a simple page but the text makes it clear what it is for and what the value proposition .Of these people is: the solution between email and instant messaging . Email is one of the great revolutions in our history, we cannot deny it. However, when it comes to teamwork. Communicating by email is a real odyssey . Some that respond to all, others that only respond to the last one (information is lost), copied and redundant quotes Phone Number TH within the messages, difficulty in searching for complete information, issues that . End up being an army of Re: and FW.  Nothing, every one of them. Cow.

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