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You have to be patient and never give up in facing it. For Marla, the ups and downs of learning programming were very visible as she tried to complete the Building Progressive Web Apps class. He continued to say: “12 times my assignments ( submissions ) were rejected by Dicoding reviewers. But that’s okay. Even though it hurts, the important thing is to get up. Because actually the biggest enemy is yourself. Rise from feelings of laziness, shame, and lack of self-control… ” (Marla) During dozens of episodes of “submissions rejected,” he learned and really liked using the Discussion Forum on Dicoding as a reference for finding solutions. He also understands how to control time better so he doesn’t give up easily. As a result, when he delivered his 13th assignment, he was finally able to smile with relief. Her work was accepted by Reviewer Dicoding.

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He often recommends Dicoding to his friends so that they learn too. “So many benefits!” Marla exclaimed. Future hope Marla has proven it. Being in your teens is not a reason to delay forging yourself. At a young age, let’s use all the opportunities available to develop in the fields we like. Make sure you get permission and approval from your parents so that your steps will be smoother and you will feel less burdened. In Marla’s mind, in 10 years she wants to start her own technology company and collaborate with many clients from industry. Closing the conversation that afternoon, Marla expressed the importance of young people looking for positive inspiration. You are ready? 3 Benefits of Learning Programming from an Early Age – end RecommendationIn building an architecture, we must build one that is reliable, safe and optimal.

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When creating and running applications in the cloud, you will often wonder, “Am I doing this correctly?” To answer this question, AWS has created a Well-Architected Framework which has five main pillars to serve as the basic foundation for building a cloud. One of these pillars is the Performance Efficiency pillar as a way to validate cloud performance efficiency . Performance Efficiency Pillar as a way to validate cloud performance efficiency This pillar includes the ability to use computing resources efficiently ws number list to meet system requirements. And it also maintains that efficiency as demand changes and technology develops. The following is an explanation of the 5 design principles in the Performance Efficiency and Algorithmic Mathematics. Apart from being disciplined, learning programming from an early age also fosters a spirit of never giving up.

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