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I get this: The list is ordered from The Product highest to lowest number. Of searches, but we are interested in making the contents. From lowest to highest. When you search for “mar de plata train station” there is a lot of competition. But if you search for “palermo train station” , which has 320 searches, it is something else. In this case our niche appears with this URL in Top. The URL is not as crappy as the one. I have put in the image (which by the way brought traffic), but. I think it can easily be overcome. For example, all the information on schedules and destinations is at the bottom and we could put it in a more visual way right above, through buttons that draw attention, not giving the user the information.

with good internal The Product linking, which will in turn position

But making them change the page to category email list the schedules. that interest us, which in this case would be the San Martín train schedules. This strategy will gradually position our most important keywords, both for schedules, rates and routes, with good internal linking, which will in turn position us for the search “San Martín train”. This is how I position myself today and it’s going quite well for me. KW Research with Dino RANK and competitor research: all you need to define a winning structure Using DinoRANK again, seeing what.

You just have to continue investigating to make sure

Google positions and going to my Phone Number TH competitor’s websites, I can make a mental map of what the project would be: profitable niche architecture You just have to continue investigating to make sure that the fares are different on each train, because if they are the same the structure should be “” and from there talk about the fares of all the trains. From here, let your imagination fly. Broadly speaking, I would take into account: From Home you have to access all trains from a well-made cluster. From the pages of each train you have to access the schedules, fares and routes in a very simple way.

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