The Drop In Visibility And Engagement Observed

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An even better: no one but you will know your choices.” How to access this “Newsfed” customization option? Already deployd on iOS, just go to Settings > News Fed Preferences . And you will then be greetd by a nice little crab that illustrates this new option. You can then select the “people or pages to see first” . Their publications will now appear at the top of your news fed, recognizable by a small blue star. Options to customize your Facebook news fed Other solutions are also possible with this update Facebook takes the option a step further by allowing users to.

An The Duration Of The Promotional Campaign

Discover new pages to follow basd on your interests Follow someone or unfollow a previously hidden contact It remains to be seen whether the results for the “Pages to discover” will not be biasd by Facebook, which would be temptd to first database offer the pages that spend the most money on Facebook Ads… Better beware! 2015 Facebook News Fed Update Users are thrilld, but what about brands? Being followd, likd and shard by as many fans as possible: this is the goal of most brands on Facebook. Many are those who have spent a lot of money to promote their page in order to collect as many fans as possible.


It Is Enough To Define The Audience

For several years, there has been a sharp decline in the organic reach of pages. Why this drop in organic reach? Facebook tries to pull out of the Phone Number TH game by explaining that the number of publications wishing to be displayd in the news fed is so high that it was necessary to find a more relevant criterion than the simple like. The social network has therefore made its algorithm more complex in order to offer a news fed that is always more relevant for the user. In addition to “likes”, a page should also have content that encourages the user to engage.

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