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Winter is the time when anglers especially wait for the opportunity to catch trout. When it comes to lures, it is best to choose those that imitate the natural food of preatory fish as much as possible – and trout are such. It is worth focusing on lures that are the result of handicrafts. In Poland, there is no shortage of real professionals who are perfectly aware of how a lure should look and work. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that handmade lures are a tradition of Polish fishing, so why not use them? Especially that wobblers prepare in this way are deceptively similar to small fish, the natural food of trout.

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It should be remembere that the color is not without significance. In cold water, small fish have a pale, weak color. In many cases, gray, gray or black wobblers work well. With a clear conscience, we can recommend Pomeranian wobblers, but also whatsapp mobile number list spoons, spinners or jigs. The second issue is, of course, the rod, which should allow precise handling of various lures, and at the same time allow you to haul even large species of fish. In our offer you can find several different stick models that are great for this task. First of all, these are rods manufacture by us, people who have already spent many winters fishing.

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Wild river, feat ze, Trout fascination. For fans of winter fishing, we can also offer rods from the. Ice fishing, that is what anglers live for when the temperature drops Ice fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing. Many of us are waiting Phone Number TH for this, let’s be honest, relatively short period of the year. Despite the fact that it is a lot of fun and gives a lot of satisfaction, it is still dangerous. The angler must take into account many factors that can guarantee his safety, the thickness of the ice and its structure. It is also worth investing in a safety suit – in case of unpleasant surprises.

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