Serviceplan sets out to conquer the metaverse aboard its new DCNTRL unit

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Serviceplan sets the metaverse has not left the lips of those who operate in the arena of marketing and advertising in recent times. The German advertising group Serviceplan is aware of the hook (and potential) of this concept and that is why it has created a unit especially dedicated to Web3 and the metaverse named DCNTRL . The name of Serviceplan’s new creature is a nod to the decentralized nature of Web3 in which the metaverse anchors.

Completing the DCNTRL management team is Katsch Platz

The new Serviceplan unit is led by Yves category email list Bollinger and Nina Matzat . Bollinger joins DCNTRL from DDB’s Düsseldorf subsidiary. Where he was director of strategy and innovation and laid the foundations of FTW. The agency’s gaming arm. For her part, Matzat worked for Google in Dublin and Hamburg for eight years. In the last five years she has worked professionally as a freelance creative consultant.

DCNTRL team will cooperate with other national

DCNTRL was born with the ultimate objective of combining a deep knowledge of the culture. Communities and trends that come together in Web3 and the technical. Creative expertise necessary to illuminate truly sustainable Phone Number TH business models in this ecosystem. The new Serviceplan unit offers its clients a wide range of services ranging from training to strategy. Including creation, execution, community management and legal advice. 

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