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Things change at whiplash spee over on tiktok. Even if corn kid is absolutely popping off on a monday . By friday . The tiktok averse has already move on to watching clips of old dudes selling watches. To succee here and wow the app’s billion users . You nee to look underneath the teen-face filters or sound clips from love island and really understand the cultural forces and shifting attitudes that shape behavior. Which is why in this post . We’re identifying the powerful macro trends happening on tiktok for 0 it’s time to grapple with the zeitgeist . Baby! Get ready to zoom out as we take you through the biggest tiktok trends for brands and creators right now bonus.

Explore Page Is Unique That’s a Big

Get a free tiktok growth checklist from famous tiktok creator tiffy chen that shows you how to gain million followers with only studio lights and imovie. Of the most important tiktok trends for brands tiktok advertising is hotter than ever if you’ve been debating where to invest your social ad dollars . Tiktok may be a good bet. At the end of 0 . Ad reach was up by . Year over year.

And while that does guarantee business lead some extra eyeballs on your campaigns . What that number doesn’t reflect is just how receptive tiktok audiences are to brande content. The caveat here is that not just any ol’ ad will do. This ain’t a flyer inserte into a newspaper: tiktok ads still nee to be interesting . Appealing .

Potential Audience for Your Content Benefits

And offer viewers some value. Think beyond a straightforward product pitch and into something with a little razzle dazzle… tiktok-style. Can you use the app’s playful eiting features or filters? Let’s just hit point … tiktok users want to be entertaine sure . Of tiktok users open up the app explicitly to research brands and products. But the vast majority of people on the platform are seeking out a little bit of fun. 

Our latest digital report found that . Of tiktokers Phone Number TH use it for watching funny or entertaining content. Brands that can deliver on that desire are poise to make both sales and fans for life. Tiktok’s internal studies have shown that ads rate highly for entertainment also rank high for brand love and purchase intent.

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