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Currently, many Product catalog  mobile applications have improved their functionalities in order to offer more complete tools for companies or businesses. One of them is the product catalog with WhatsApp Business . But what are product catalogs? It is an online warehouse that allows the customer to view what you offer. In addition to the variety and different models that you can find. Product catalogs with WhatsApp Business; They have become the easiest way to market, sell and offer your products without the need for a physical store. Allowing you to share with users all the useful information regarding your products. How to create a product catalog with WhatsApp Business All the options offered by WhatsApp Business are very easy to use, create or design.

Create a product catalog Product catalog 

All the options offered by WhatsApp Business are very easy to use, create or design. We show you how you can create your own. It is important to have your company profile created, with descriptions, websites, email or some other important executive email list  information about your business. Once done, select the “Business settings” tab and then “catalog” . There you will have the option to create your own catalog. Once you create it, you must add products and/or services that your company offers to customers . Upload the images of each product one by one. After this session, optimize the products that you have uploaded to your catalog . Place him; name, description, price or any other reference that you consider important and appropriate to add. Do this step by step until.

A Multi-agent WhatsApp

Every application and tool has its advantage, in the case of WhatsApp Business and product catalogs it is much greater. Let’s look at some benefits that are undoubtedly beneficial for your business or company. Optimize and streamline the entire buying and selling process with your clients . Simplifies the interaction and communication Phone Number TH that occurs with the customer and the business when purchasing products; or even when concerns arise or advice is required. Facilitates brand sales by simply showing the products and/or services that are available. The customer can make purchases from the office , home or some remote location thanks to the multiple purchasing and product delivery channels. The company has better management and administration of product stock and number of sales. Even evaluating statistics and marketing strategies through it.

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