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SEO is one of the most popular types of digital marketing services. But it can be challenging to sell because there are many types of SEO services and service providers offering them. That’s why we created this guide. Learn the basics and then follow our five steps to help you craft and improve your pitch to close more sales and get more clients. But before we do that, let’s discuss why people buy SEO services and what they’re looking for. Why do people buy SEO services? There are three main reasons why people buy an SEO service: They want an outcome or result.

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Their business is growing (and they lack time, resources, and skills). I’ll explain each with a few examples. Outcomes and results While organic search traffic is still the company data dominant traffic channel, many business owners don’t care about SEO (search engine optimization). They want profitable customers or sales. The sales process begins by defining the services you will offer to potential clients. In our guide to generating SEO leads, we mentioned that there are three types of SEO services that a prospective client is looking for. Full SEO service – For example, they want you to manage the entire process of keyword research, content creation, publishing, link building, reporting, and measurement for them. Industry-focused – For example, SEO for lawyers, SEO for SaaS companies, etc.

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For example, HARO link building, domain migration, etc. Let’s now look at how to improve your pitch so you can get more SEO clients. Step 1. Show results to establish Phone Number TH credibility To be taken seriously by prospects and get a foot in their door, you need to make them aware of the results of your SEO efforts in your emails, landing page content, forum posts, and personal conversations. If you don’t already have proof or results, start creating them. Show traffic or links earned with screenshots For example, from Ahrefs, I downloaded the following image of the organic traffic of a company I did SEO and content marketing for and added it to my website: You can find prospects using inbound marketing.

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