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 For example, tasks such as answering inbound calls should be analyzed as sub-tasks, including understanding customer queries, paying attention to detail, solving problems, and following up with customers. This analysis can help you accurately assess your candidates. By understanding the tasks and sub-tasks of this job you will be able to determine the empirical skills and behaviors required for each task.

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 This will provide your HR team with sufficient work criteria to new database evaluate candidates. This way you can ensure that candidates are professionally evaluated and make more accurate hiring decisions. Define the right salary. To avoid employee dissatisfaction with lower salaries, rely on job task analysis to define the right salary for a candidate. The right salary should be determined not only based on their years of experience but also based on their skill behavior and the number and difficulty of tasks.

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 Therefore, before starting the recruitment process, you should determine whether to accept candidates who do not have technical experience in the center. If it is, you need to plan an Phone Number TH appropriate training plan based on the analysis of the work tasks you have completed. Making data-driven decisions. Leveraging the power of data is an effective contact center volume-up strategy. You can rely on the data in both courses before applying the new strategy to the up-and-up process.

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