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Google Search Console is. YouTube’s advertising coverage is among. The largest in the digital world. This simple information makes you immutably understand the potential of YouTube. ADS and why this platform is increasingly us in marketing strategies. Let’s analyze the characteristics of advertisements in videos better to understand. Data and first steps Ad formats Advantages. Data and first steps for ADS by YouTube ads by. YouTube According to recent research on social mica. YouTube is on the podium of platforms with at least million active users per month only Facebook has record better data.

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The statistics publish by Data Reportable leave no room for photo editing servies doubt: Facebook . billion monthly active users YouTube. Billion WhatsApp billion Instagram . billion WeChat . billion Tikor billion. The vast audience of the runner up motivates the efforts that must be made to make the best use of. YouTube ADS and which obviously begin with the creation of an account to access all the functions of the platform. The next step is to choose the advertising format best suit to your video marketing strategy. Read also. Changes in Programmatic Advertising: here are the trends.

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YouTube ADS formats YouTube provides advertisers. With different types of ads Phone Number TH which allow. You to display advertising content before during after next to a video or you can pay to have your video appear first in the platform’s search function. There are two main categories of YouTube ADS. Video advertising Non video advertising. The first type of ad is the one that is display inside the content you want to see (before during after) or in the sidebar. A video ad can be set to be ignore after seconds or to be mandatory. Display before being able to use the actually chosen content.

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