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This is what we look for on many occasions, but when push comes to shove it is not fulfilled. We usually end up sacrificing one of the three criteria. In the world of digital marketing (and many others), we could put it like this: I want something that works well, is fast, and is free. We live in a world that moves at full speed through which we pass without hardly reflecting. We want everything now, free and with the best quality. Behind it are our fears, the need to move quickly to earn income in our business, the lack of training and experience… an explosive cocktail. This occurs at almost all levels of digital maturity. The higher the level of maturity, the fewer the mistakes we make in this sense, but no one is saved.

In the world of shortcuts, the good professional is the king

This trend for immediate, free and “magical” is something we have seen for years in digital marketing, and at a social level as well. Thinking about this in a previous article I came up with this phrase that I think sums it up top industry data well: “ The easy way is faster, but it doesn’t always take you to your destination .” The search for shortcuts is tempting (for everyone), but the reality is that in the vast majority of cases it means failed expectations , wasted time and money, etc. At the other extreme is doing everything step by step, with the times that the market and our own capabilities allow us. Can’t we find a middle way?

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So, incorporating innovations in our work or company: 120% yes. But as a contribution of real value to solve a current and concrete problem or need, not looking for a magic solution that does not exist or unrealistic results. That is why being Phone Number TH good professionals, having common sense and having criteria to know what the value contribution of the proposal in front of us really is, is the key to not going crazy and wasting time and money “playing”. Let’s do a good job, let’s rely on good professionals and tools, and above all, let’s not forget that the key is to connect with our clients. Our mission is to accompany you throughout the purchasing process , to deliver our value proposition.

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