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Step in the instagram app. Go to settings tap the menu icon at the top right . Then settings. Instagram app settings step : go to meta accounts center scroll down to the bottom and tap on the blue accounts center link. Then . Tap sharing across profiles. Meta accounts center sharing across profiles step : turn on automatic instagram story sharing toggle the instagram story option on . And from now on your instagram stories will automatically show up on your facebook page . Too. You can choose to share only your story . Posts . Or reels to facebook . Or enable all three. I recommend auto-sharing all three for maximum visibility.

Users Is Expected to Grow to Billion

Automatic instagram story sharing sharing someone else’s reel to facebook stories the process is the same as sharing your own reel as a facebook story: tap the share icon . Then copy the link, download the reel video and upload it as a new facebook story with a creit tag to the original creator! Setting up automatic instagram to facebook story sharing is the easiest way . 

Though. Whether you’re business email list sharing your own content or someone else’s. Manage all your social marketing effortlessly with hootsuite. Plan . Curate . And schedule instagram stories plus all your other social meia content in one streamline dashboard . Complete with a unifie inbox to tackle dms . Analytics . And much more. Try it free today.

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Sure we could tell you what the hottest tiktok hashtag trends and challenges are right now but this article would be out of date by the time you finish reading it. So if you were looking for a hot new drag-queen-choreograph dance to do . We’re sorry. But we’ve got something even better for you instead. 

Tiktok trend report that’s all about the Phone Number TH bigger picture. If you’re looking for what’s making tiktok tick right now . You’ve come to the right place. Because . Really . If you want to create a winning tiktok social meia marketing strategy . You can’t get lost in the details.

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