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 Who do you want as your customer? Who do you want to work with? Who do you not want to work with? If your dream client is a person who needs help and support to cope with a difficult life situation, you shouldn’t blog about how the reader benefits from time management. 2. Show that you are human Many are afraid of presenting themselves. a “professional persona”, which can often seem cold and rigid. You are just the same person as your customer. That’s why from time to time you can also write a few articles about yourself in the blog, such as: What made you want to become a Life made you choose that particular school / coaching company What do you do when you are stressed

Because it's the most important element

Everyone talks about the dream customer, the dream reader and the avatar. this so much?  that makes your business successful. 90% of entrepreneurs and bloggers define a customer / reader roughly like this: woman 20 – 50 years family or no family new database employed or unemployed lives in a big city or a suburb do jogging and/or yoga and/or jogging Yup. customers if you defined your dream customer like this: A 35-45 year old woman living in peak years spouse and two children under school age the stress of combining and balancing career and motherhood suffers from sleeping difficulties, work load and surface roughness in 10 minutes If you don’t know who your dream client is, how can you sell them your expertise? By knowing your dream client, your work becomes many times easier and you always know what you are writing about to your client.

Here are some specific tips for defining

I thanked him nicely for the honor but told him that it would be good for him to learn how to market his own company and later outsource it elsewhere. , I strongly believe that in the long run Sirpa will benefit more by studying on its own than by outsourcing too early. That’s why I recommended Sirpa to participate in the From Bloggaaja to Professional™ online coaching program and to add Phone Number TH a blog to the website. I gave him three specific tips for writing his first blog articles. With them, Sirpa can get off to a good start. ?  your blog and website, as well as a few blog article ideas: 1. Know who you are writing to Before you skip over this section, I know what you’re thinking.

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