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This is because approximately one third of environmental pollution is generat in the food production chain – crops, livestock raising, processing and transportation of industrial foods, preparation, ingestion and waste of food. For many, the fact that food is currently cheap (in relation to income) leads to more consumption but also to more waste, and hence the interest in achieving sustainable agricultural production mechanisms and, at the same time, habits. healthy consumption . This would be the scenario for the consolidation of organic, artisanal production, and the emergence of small farms and hatcheries.

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The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. Under these new conditions, what characteristics will the human diet have towards the year 2030? Without a doubt, healthy foods will be the first option: free of fats, sugars and refinement processes. Natural, in a word. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein from insects b2b email list and even artificial meat will be increasingly common on tables, says Tim Benton, member of the Global Future Council on The Future of Food Security of the World Economic Forum (WEF). These preferences will have an impact on less intense and loss-generating production processes, in favor of artisanal and smaller-scale production.

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Meanwhile, Dan Barber, chef and author of the book The Third Plate , estimates that the prominence of protein in cooking will have disappear within a few years . “It will be an obsolete ingrient, and instead grains and legumes will have the starring role, probably accompani by Phone Number TH very fine cuts of meat.” He adds that the ses will also play a major role in the daily diet. Inventor, futurist and Director of Engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil prophesies that in a few years there will be widespread consumption of meats rich in Omega 3 (fat present in oily fish), making it unnecessary to raise cows, pigs and lambs for human benefit.


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