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How to optimize your local SEO? Tip associate your keywords with geographical terms To optimize your local SEO, be sure to include geographic terms in your keywords. For example: hairdresser Rouen, 3-star hotel in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon, restaurant Champs Élysées Paris, etc. Key words must be specifid as much as possible with geographical criteria to position themselves better in local results. Tip 2: create your business page on Google.

Out In France It Is Now Possible To Convert

My Business Provide as much information as possible (description of your company, your contact details, information on your products, your phone number list opening hours, your prices, etc.) by creating your business page on GoogleMyBusiness . The more specific you are, the more you will optimize your chances of being displayd in the Knowldge Graph . Customer reviews with stars are also very important in determining your popularity. They allow you to improve your local SEO.

phone number list

Your Instagram Account Into A Professional

For example, our Powertrafic agency does not yet have any customer reviews, so do not hesitate to leave us a little note in passing. Powertrafic’s Phone Number TH Google Knowldge Graph Tip n°3: register on local directories Be where your customers go! Don’t forget to register on local directories such as the Yellow Pages, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Cityvox, etc. Exploit the popularity of these directories, which stand out very well in search results, by being present there. This will help you improve your domain authority and also get links from trustd sites.

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